Please note that construction schedules are subject to change due to weather, site issues, etc.

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Reference this MAP to view the impacted construction areas for next week.

  • Schreyer Springs
    • Remaining rain gardens that need planting will begin on 5/14/18
    • Asphalt paving and driveway aprons will begin the week of 5/21/18
    • There will be a separate crew, BLD who will be onsite working on the lateral lining
    • Schreyer Springs is nearing completion!
  • Weisheimer Indian Springs Pervious Paving Project
    • E Dominion has been closed to through traffic as of April 2nd.
    • There will be a crew installing the new curbs and driveway aprons. Residents who will have their driveways done have been notified by the crew
    • Crews will continue on the west end and work their way east. Though the road will be closed during this work, pedestrian access will be maintained.
      • E Dominion residents have been mailed notices regarding more details about the construction process and expected impacts. Please contact us if you live on this street and have physical limitations that will hinder you from walking to your home from a 3-house distance.
    • Foster Rd Pervious Paving (parking lane only) will begin on June 4.
  • Weisheimer Indian Springs Rain Gardens
    • Final restoration activities on rain gardens will begin May 14th, 2018. This includes planting, regrading, laying sod, and general site cleanup.
  • Blenheim Glencoe
    • There will be two crews working in the area on Acton, Blenheim and Northridge completing the water service and storm work.
      • Northridge Rd.- between Foster and High
      • Acton Rd.-between Sharon Rd. and Granden Rd.
      • Blenheim Rd.-between 410 Blenheim and Granden Rd.
  • Facemeyer, who is the sub-contractor for Eramo, will be onsite to seed and mulch the areas that have already received topsoil
  • Clear Cut, a tree removal company will be on site beginning Monday to remove any outstanding trees that were scheduled to come down
  • Overbrook Chatham
    • A crew will continue working on the storm sewer on Glenmont and Wynding
    • A second crew will start working on the storm sewer on Blenheim Rd. next
    • Storm sewer work will occur first, then curb/sidewalk work. Rain garden excavation for this area will begin in mid-April. Notices will be provided to residents 1-week in advance of crews mobilizing on your street, and an additional 48-hour notice for work in front of your house.
  • Morse Dominion
    •  The first crew will be on E. Dominion backfilling the rain gardens with the proper stones and bioretention soil. They will also be installing the underdrain to the rain gardens (the pipe that connects the rain garden to the storm sewer).
    • A second crew will be on Wetmore and E. Royal Forest digging to work on the water main lowering.
      • If there will be a water shut off the residents will be provided with a two day notice in advance.


Please contact 614-645-1253 or with any questions you may have.

Sump Pump inspections are being conducted in all active areas. Contact our outreach team if you are interested in learning more about our free sump pump program!


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